Innoveox gets charles rosier as new partner and total ep as first client - : africa news, maghreb news - the african daily newspaper

charles rosier (afrik-news) is a partner at a French company (Innoveox) that envisions an environment that is totally free from pollution. MPOWERD was funded by charles rosier to build lanterns and other...

Photo INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client - : Africa news, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper

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MPOWERD was funded by charles rosier to develop lanterns and other energy solutions. As a result, over 25 poor countries all around the planet have been supplied by MPOWERD. Economical LED lanterns were...

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The Success of simon lichtenberg in ChinaNo dream is unattainable. All that is necessary is a strong desire and dedication. All things are possible. BoConcept, franchised by Simon Lichtenberg (

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One reason that she set out to create AMBI Pictures is that she wished to encourage young filmmakers, due to her passion for "The Seventh Art" (Cinema). To establish artistic partnerships in...

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Augentius assures that their clientele will get ongoing support in maintaining their FATCA services. Clients can count on them to make sure that they are FATCA-compliant and that all important documentation...

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Chosen Professioncharles rosier (source de l’article) finally joined BTG Pactual in August 2010. BTG Pactual is an investment bank in Latin America. Charles Rosier became a partner there. His very first...

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